Exploring New Lands

New Game
New Game; Empire Unification

I am starting a new game in Pathfinder. The players will be in my custom world attempting to help the Humans create the Empire of Reason an alliance against the evil humanoids. I am looking for new players. Right now they will only be doing simple missions, but I plan on the game becoming political. About 55% hack and slash 45% solid roleplaying.

They Worked together
They worked together

The party left the town that was controlled by the witch; leaving one of their own in charge. They voyaged to a town that claimed it was doomed. Waves of undead were attacking the town night after night. The party took the warning seriously, but decided to stay to help. After the Deva paid for the destruction they were going to do to the town. They tore apart a few buildings after sending the entire town safely at sea. The waves of undead continued to hit the town. On the first night the party created a funnel and used it to control the amount of undead that hit them at once. Every member contributed, even Beth put in a devastating blow with her fireball. After that night the party decided to try and track down the source of the undead. They fought the next wave on the plains. They discovered a devil observing the undead and destroyed them. Finally tracing the undead to their source they found a small cabin next to a field of neanderthals in an old battlefield. They met and vanquished a ghost twice before condemning it to the nether realms from which it came from. They opened the door of the cabin finding a lich. One of their member “rescued the old man” pulling the lich out of the cabin were the rest of the party defeated them. They then investigated the cabin finding a vampire. Beth succumbed to its charms and for a short time was against the party, but the brave Deva rescued her killing the vampire. A quick search of the cabin found the lich’s phylactery which was then destroyed. The heroes returned to town ready to continue their explorations.

The game so far
Exploring New Worlds

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The first adventure was to investigate strange blue lights that were coming down from the heavens in the far north. The party was ambushed by Orcs who were in a war with their home Kingdom. The Orcs were handily defeated. The party continued on for months before coming to an arctic land mass. As they got closer the blue columns of light stated to go out. By the time the party made it ashore only 1 light was left. They journeyed to find its source and came across a Rimfire Elan. The Elan had been killed by a devil and lemures had been left behind to stop any pursuers. The party easily defeated the lemures and went into the glacier to investigate. They came out only to find the Rimfire Witch and her Tribe of Neanderthals; who jumped to the conclusion that the party was responsible for the death of the Rimefire Elan. They attacked. The party defeated the Neanderthals and returned to their ship, taking a captive with them. Along the way they lost an NPC prisoner to yeti hiding in an ice crevice.

The party returned to home and were soon given a mission to pay the ransom for a former slave from a previous campaign. She had gone to sea and became a pirate admiral. She earned a letter of margue against the Orc nation, but she was defeated by pirate nation that was allied with the Orc nation. The party acted as representatives from an elven kingdom, where her former owner now ruled, to pay the ransom. They were hit twice on the way out by pirates and beat them off easily. After reaching the meeting point the opened negations for their allies pirate admiral, Dana. They discovered that not only was she attached to a giant wheel, but she had been give multiple poisons and antitoxins. The party got the prisoner and the antitoxins for the poison and left. When out of a cloud came a pirate ship, the rival of the pirate who had just completed the deal. The party closed in and attacked, they were able to release Dana and she helped out a lot in the fight.

After the party returned they were greeted as heroes and soon afterwards were sent on a mission to explore the New World. A freighter was blown off course and discovered a large new continent, they didn’t have the resources to explore so the party was organized to explore. They met up with a primitive goblin civilization who for some reason where armed with rifles, a recent invention in Seagate the capitol of their home nation. The party opened negotiations with the goblins and despite being double crossed in the negotiations they found out that the Drow were behind the new weapons. They had planned on arming the goblins and using them to fight a proxy war with the humans and demihumans on the surface. They nipped this plan in the bud though.

Moving north they found the land was largely unexplored and undeveloped. They then came across a sign of civilization. An old ziggart (stepped pyramid) left over from a Yuan-Ti empire. They investigated and found that the Yuan-Ti were being lead by a crazy female mage who was attempting to breed stronger servant lizard men out of basalisk eggs. They talked their way through the dungeon after defeating a Bullete and made out without having to fight the majority of the adventure. They also stole the crazy female Yuan-Ti’s staff with a soul inside, replacing it with a temporary duplicate.

Again moving north they came across a large bustling goblin town. This town was actually build out of a landed spelljamming city that was from a far off realm. The goblins were fairly advanced and friendly, although the ruling class of hobgobilns kept the lower goblins suppressed. The queen complained of having a problem between two Lizard Man nations, the one to the south (which Zo’al claimed she had released a plague on) and a strange Lizard Man town to the north. Zo’al offered to take out the Lizard Men. She had her crew land at the town in question and rulers finding that a Lich was in charge. She turned on the Lich destroying him and most of his crew. Then she offered the Lizard Man a way off the continent to a new world. She took them out several days at sea and then dissolved the boat from under them (it was made out of shape sand). Most of the Lizard Men would have drowned.

Again the party traveled north and found the second Yuan-Ti civilization, unmistakable by a another ziggarut. They fought there way through the jungle and entered the ziggarut. Then Zo’al negotiated with the Yuan-Ti to help them against a real plague that they were suffering from. He got most of them gathered together and then cast a psion that caused the Yuan-Ti to attack each other neatly destroying themselves.

The party traveled further north after Zo’al sold the recently liberated land to the Goblin Queen. Unknown to them they entered the mists of Ravenloft. There they meet an undead and flesh golem factory. The factory was powered by a pair of blast furnaces and a frustration engine. The frustration engine worked by having zombies perform pointless tasks. They were building and unbuilding houses, they were cutting a dead hedge, they were working in a dead garden all doing repetitive tasks. They went into the first factory and after finding a new type of undead that was stronger than a zombie they fought them and destroyed the factory. Unknown to them this released wraiths; the trapped spirits in the zombies. They turned most of the wraiths and fought a few without taking any casualties. They continued to the other side of the island encountering a group of running zombies not realizing these weren’t normal zombies, but a swarm of hungry dead (more like Hollywood’s zombies). They fought and destroyed the zombie swarm and continued on to the second factory. They saw skeletons mining a diamond pit. They robbed the skeletons, bluffed their way into the second factory and confronted the mummy in control. The mummy tempted Garnet into becoming a vampire. Meanwhile factory was working at sewing zombie parts together and using a variant of the Animate Dead spell by replacing the onyx with diamonds making stronger zombies. They ended up making a deal with the mummy to take them out of the realm and a large portion of his zombie army in an enveloping pit. The undead could be stacked in deep. There they took the ship out of Ravenloft and then Zo’al opened the pit into the plane of positive energy; The explosion was major, but Zo’al had cast the spell planar tolerance so that it didn’t hurt her.

There next voyage took them to the Ivory Coast and a town controlled by a Witch Queen. There the community hated the Witch, but she commanded an elemental dragon and had an army. The party determined that she was meeting with them though a project image and they made sure to confront her directly. Then they started a fight killing the Witch Queen and her Cleric companion; liberating the town. They have stayed for 2 months in the town training and giving the crew and extended shore leave, where some of them learned the language.

Then Zo’al figured out how to cheat a Deck of Many Things. She astrally traveled to the city of Sigil and found the Arcane where she bought the rights to use a Deck of Many things. I won’t tell how she cheated the deck, because it could be used on an unsuspecting DM, but she ended up 40th level. I warned her that if she did this trick her character would be retired, but she did it anyway.

Now three other party members are in crisis since Zo’al was their parent and she abandoned them. They don’t want to adventure with the group anymore and now I have to contend with new characters coming into the party.

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