Exploring New Lands

They Worked together

They worked together

The party left the town that was controlled by the witch; leaving one of their own in charge. They voyaged to a town that claimed it was doomed. Waves of undead were attacking the town night after night. The party took the warning seriously, but decided to stay to help. After the Deva paid for the destruction they were going to do to the town. They tore apart a few buildings after sending the entire town safely at sea. The waves of undead continued to hit the town. On the first night the party created a funnel and used it to control the amount of undead that hit them at once. Every member contributed, even Beth put in a devastating blow with her fireball. After that night the party decided to try and track down the source of the undead. They fought the next wave on the plains. They discovered a devil observing the undead and destroyed them. Finally tracing the undead to their source they found a small cabin next to a field of neanderthals in an old battlefield. They met and vanquished a ghost twice before condemning it to the nether realms from which it came from. They opened the door of the cabin finding a lich. One of their member “rescued the old man” pulling the lich out of the cabin were the rest of the party defeated them. They then investigated the cabin finding a vampire. Beth succumbed to its charms and for a short time was against the party, but the brave Deva rescued her killing the vampire. A quick search of the cabin found the lich’s phylactery which was then destroyed. The heroes returned to town ready to continue their explorations.



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